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Juno talk with Jade Eagleson

May 24, 2021 carly lapainis Season 1 Episode 18
YYC Popcast
Juno talk with Jade Eagleson
Show Notes

On this episode, I had the privilege of talking with country artist, Jade Eagleson about his exciting, 1st time nomination, for “Country Album of the Year,” at this years 50th anniversary celebration of the Junos! Jade chats about how he processes these kind of nominations for his hard work and seeing numbers like ‘50 million’ views on music videos on YouTube, and ‘10 million’ streams on songs on Spotify? We get into how he is liking residing in Calgary these days with his  wife and son and how the year has been without being able to enjoy touring and performing live shows. We also have some fun with some rapid fire questions as to who Jades fav artists and songs are as well!

Don’t miss the Junos on June.6th and go check out Jade’s newest single, “All Night to Figure it Out!”






At just 26 years of age, Jade Eagleson has made quite the mark on the North American country music scene. After only 4 singles released to radio, currently Jade boasts over 130 Million global streams. Since the success of his first album, which holds three gold-certified singles (“Got Your Name On It,” “Count The Ways,” “Close”), along with a #1 at Canadian Country Radio (“Lucky”), Jade now holds the title for the most globally streamed debut album by a Canadian-signed country artist in history.


Since breaking onto the scene three years ago, Jade has had his sights firmly set on re-establishing neo-traditional country at the top of the country music charts.  He hasn’t stopped re-writing the Canadian country record books ever since.  In 2017, Jade decided to give up some of his duties on the family farm to pursue a long-time dream as a country music artist. He signed with Universal Music, releasing his debut single, “Got Your Name On It” on May 23rd, 2018. Shortly after the song’s music video was released, Jade was featured as YouTube Trending ‘Artist On The Rise’ and appeared on the website’s homepage, the first time a Canadian-signed artist in any genre has received such an honour. Today, the music video for “Got Your Name On it” has 15x more views than any other domestic country music video, ever (47 million and counting).


Released on 07/24/20, Jade's debut album can be found everywhere now, including "Boom Town", a song written by multi-Grammy award winner, Chris Stapleton. His new single “All Night To Figure it Out” can be found everywhere now.