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Juno Talk With Mackenzie Porter

June 02, 2021 carly lapainis Season 1 Episode 20
YYC Popcast
Juno Talk With Mackenzie Porter
Show Notes

This week we had 2 episodes drop in the continued celebration of the 2021 Junos! I loved chatting with Mackenzie Porter on this episode! We talk about the excitement of her second nomination for a Juno, for Country Album of the Year, and the special performance she will be doing with fellow Albertan, Lindsay Ell, the night before the Juno ceremony.  

Being from Alberta, Mackenzie talks about her love of the work ethic she grew up with, what life and music is like in Nashville these days, and how the immense success of her EP ‘Drinkin Songs,’ doesn’t feel real to her. She also humbly comments on breaking radio chart records previously held by Shania Twain in Canada and Australia. 



EP ‘Drinkin Songs’

Sample song:
‘These Days’