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The Cliffs Notes

July 19, 2021 carly lapainis Season 1 Episode 26
YYC Popcast
The Cliffs Notes
Show Notes

On this week's episode of the YYC Popcast, I wanted to find a way to celebrate us closing in on season 1! Don’t worry, we have season 2 coming soon and some exciting changes to announce as well! So to celebrate our first season of the podcast, I wanted to do a “Cliffs Notes” episode for any new listeners who haven’t had a chance to hear all the episodes from the beginning and for our listeners who have been here from the start. So we go back and relive some of the funny stories, amazing quotes and life lessons our guests have shared over this past year! And again, to everyone who has been a guest on the podcast,helped it come to life, taken their time to listen and like and share, please accept a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart! I love doing this show and it means the world to me that people have been so kind and awesome in joining in on this little endeavour! 

Order of audio clips:

Episode 15, “The Magic Behind the Music” with
Russell Broom and Rena Kozak

Episode 8, “Real Estate Realness” with
Natalie Berthiaume 

Episode 17, “To Write or Not to Write” with
Natasha Blandford

Episode 21, “Artistic Expression” with
Shawnee Kish

Episode 25, “Thespian Thoughts” with
Ryan Northcott

Episode 5, “The Parental ASD Experience” with
Gillian McKirdy

Episode 2, “Audio Engineer Extraordinaire” with
Rena Kozak

Episode 13, “The Musicians Way” with
Kyle McKearney

Episode 14, “Ladies Who Business” with
Krista Frayn & Aly Greentree

Episode 18, “Juno Talk With”
Jade Eagleson

Episode 23, “80s babies,90s kids” with 
Sam Foster 

Episode 24, “It’s All About the Balancing Baby” with Lisa jacobs

Episode 16, “Pop Culture Check In” with
Hil Noble

Episode 12, “Newbie Podcaster” with 
Matty Ireland and Corbin Castres

Episode 10, “The Reality of Reality” with
Hil Noble

Episode 3, “Trades People Roundtable” with
Kevin DeWolfe, Jeremy Lapainis & Jesse Foster

Episode 19, “Juno Talk With”
Lindsay Ell