YYC Popcast

“Empress State of Mind” w/ Mak London

August 02, 2021 carly lapainis Season 1 Episode 28
YYC Popcast
“Empress State of Mind” w/ Mak London
Show Notes

On this week's episode of the YYC Popcast, I had such a great convo with local talent and singer, Mak London! Mak talks about the process of collaborating on the writing, visualization and creation of her first album, Hate Boy, due out this fall. Her first 2 singles, (Empress, Cut Ya Clean) are already gaining notice internationally, hello Brazil??? And her third single ‘Hate Boy’ drops August.9th! 
We also chat about how important it is for youth and women of all ages to not measure their worth through the filter of social media and how to be your own ‘Empress.’ 




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Mak’s Tracks mentioned in the episode:

“Emergency” by Souls in Rhythm
“Feel Me” by Selena Gomez
“Open Your Heart” by Birdy 
“Bad Girl” by Daya
“Wonder” by Morgxn & Jagwar Twins
“Chasing” by NF